Combines high performance materials with trendy and innovative elements, all styles developed are fit for your needs and make you look and feel unique.
Each MANGROVE product is made with great love and passion.
Our affection for life and the surroundings has inspired us to start the MANGROVE`s adventure.


In last decade, while a camping in the lake district of the United Kingdom, two young energetic professionals from different origins discussed about starting a new label. Impressed by the peaceful atmosphere of the lakes and the uniqueness of the ice-carved fells, they want to make something special that the users can feel good and harmony with the nature.
Ideas inspired and the brand registered in the United Kingdom, these two energetic Mangrove founders try with heart to develop charming functional garments for the lifestyles they themselves love to be. Dedicate to the ones who love travel, outdoor activities, but also want to dress smart.

Provide excellent functional products, yet smart and attractive for the travel and outdoor enthusiasts. Through the series,reflecting an authertic attitude to life and the environment.

The logo - “MANGROVE” is a kind of plant that grows in the saline coastal habitats.
With its own special capabilities, it can overcome different environment conditions. MANGROVE’s spirit is to have a positive attitude towards life and nature.



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